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This is going to be harder than I thought.  Luckily, I have a job where typing poetry looks an awful lot like my work.  So, in between getting paid to go skiing, and taking students to the Hobbit, this is today’s effort.  I know there are tons of poems called Heaven and Hell, and I’m completely open to suggestions on the title. Also, I’m not sure about the last verse. The today one. I could easily axe it (ax or axe?).  Please help.

heaven and hell

I believe in heaven every pillow will be my mother’s breast and when I lay down my head I will become an infant again.

I believe there is no heaven but for this.

I believe in the hell where we’re going,  I’ll stand atop a mountain in the ice and for the first half of eternity I’ll be awestruck and alone.

And ever after I’ll see you moving on a peak in the distance, and I’ll shout and shout, but you’ll never hear.

I believe there is no hell but for this.

I believe that today I’ll gather the seeds of wild hope and plant them where I stand. What grows will grow, and what withers I’ll pluck and feed to the chickens.

I believe there is no today but for this day.