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In the interests of balance, there must be light to balance the dark.  After yesterday’s effort, I woke needing to find my guides.  Most of my personal favs dabble in affirmation as much as they do the demons. Good can be as clichéd and miserable as darkness, I know, with its positivity (gag), and light, and love, and all.  But here we are, defenders of light, and we have a job to do.

Here are some of the poems I carry to lift and kite me away:

The Laughing Heart--Charles Bukowski

Barefoot–Anne Sexton

When I Am Among Trees–Mary Oliver

I Ask You–Billy Collins

November for Beginners–Rita Dove

Here’s what today brought me:

The Treehouse

In the treehouse we all want, there’s a rope at the top. First, you climb these stairs, you grab the rope which is hanging from the top, and using the rope, you swing onto the border.

You walk slowly and carefully across the plankwalk (but if you fall, it’s okay, because there’s a net. There will be a net so no one gets hurt).

And you just open this little red door and go inside and if you want to get out (also there is a bouncy house on the other side), on the other side there’s this open part of it

and if you want to swing and listen to the birds, that’s okay too because there’s a swing, 

and a slide so if you want to get down you can swoosh if you want.

I’m talking grownups can hang out on the top of the treehouse, looking for birds and Mary Poppins.  Spring, Summer, Fall, Spring.

Even Winter.

I’ve got more ideas.  I’m talking about light.

Can I take a lamp in my treehouse? Of course. It’s mine

And I’m talking about food in my treehouse.  Apples, Bananas, Mangoes, and Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches.

You will have glad company and an aquarium with worms in it so people can see them up close.  So they can get a view. Of what they are doing in that dirt. 

There will a be a lot of dirt in the exhibit.

On the sliding way down from the treehouse, you can scootch your way over to the big hill.

It will make you laugh.


Tell me about the treehouse in your mind, poem friend.  Happy Saturday!

Mae treehouse