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Hot tub, is the only thing that’s missing here. I want a hot tub that requires no chemicals and costs no energy to heat.  I want a hot tub that runs on carbonated holiness. Today was more ski lessons and an incidental run-in with an old friend, and sledding, and the desire to invite people over for a dip.

I’ve been thinking about being experimental. The Great Try=Life Otherwise Titled. I each Gertrude Stein, and sometimes, in my smarter moments, I get it. Since I know no form, I figure every keystroke is an experiment. What makes something experimental? If it is that it’s something that’s never been done, then I’m done for. Because I walk around everyday with this feeling that nothing I’m doing is new, and all the words have been used in this particular order over and over gain.

Which is, of course, untrue.

The idea of found poetry falters me, which is odd, because found art doesn’t.  I guess it is just the idea that the words belong to someone else that bothers me, when in fact, those words are just as mine as the snow. Some of the content in tonight’s effort belongs to the Nickelodeon show, Adventures of Peter Rabbit. Nickelodeon=not PBS. But somehow it is all  mine.  How’s that for an experiment?


Recreational Hazard

What’s interesting is that there were bugs and dinosaurs around at the same time. Expertise in big and little. It is good to imagine such skill in the early years of the Earth.

There will be no disappointing endings here today. I’ll teach you to sneak up on me.

I love a boot with a good fit. I love Lake Pend Oreille. I love sledding in a poem, and I love a snack-sized rabbit.

I am composing the most famous musical composition the world can know. Would you please be quiet?

This is all the material I will ever need. I cling to you, and you cling to me. Here, cling to me, sister.

The owl holding the frog says, “how can you think of music at a time like this? You are about to be eaten!”  And the frog sings, “Thump diditty wump thump duh duh duh. The sound of your wings.”

What a dandy fox. I am Montana enough to admit Idaho. Do you ever hold a rock to calm down? I am mother enough to lay down the law.

What’s this, a rabbit wagon? Night sledding deserves a quiet night. So you can read the lines. Here, I’ll steal you a radish.


Wow, so that is an experiment. Funnily enough, it all makes sense to me. Because I am here. Wish you were too! Happy Friday! love, anna