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My students resist their label, and I love them for it.  The Millennials? Really? They are so much better than that. These young people are going to leave wakes in their paths. These are the ones who will raise us. I truly believe that. These young people I know are astounding. Really. they are.

They are the awakening:

After Cryogenics, the Awakening:

Imagine this: a generation waking up with no texting.

Imagine them waking up with lands that they spoke of in fire, burning the night wrinkles, conjuring the voices crackling, believing in sounds like sugary sunburn.

They took coins for this, they took coins for the tasting of whole weathercock, for a mellow hug, for unfolding shadows in the air, for happy grasses and for mellow hugs.

They never would marry the heaven-raised, the luscious creations, the quartets of changes. The easing softness would come ravished alive, complete with this infusion of doubt.

This wishbone archipelago holds

snakey possessions, ravished alive, and they take up theses rarer chances,

and forget the salvaging of the awful happiness, of the rarer chances,

They bemoan the taste of cinderblocks, they enter as arrows, and finish arching, holding dear,

the enormous pain of desire.


Happy Friday, poemies, I do like several lines in this poem, especially “they bemoan the taste of cinderblocks,” so that is a thing. I hope you all are skiing tomorrow. And if not, I hope you are chillin’, in contact with a millennial. Love, anna.