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Today I spent mostly watching my kids and listening to the news, because I’m on vacation and can keep up beyond the morning broadcasts and dinnertime sound bites. There were many disturbing phrases tossed about the infosphere today, and I attempted to capture them, and then in the capture they became something else.

The other thing I’ve been listening to today is this, which is pretty fabulous:

I’m not sure why that is relevant, but it sure is pretty. Here:

The Melt

Evening News: The  chase of a “well-plugged-in individual”, and a “capital flight” that sanctions “a new calculus”, “a limb reattached” with “significant reverberations”, the consequences “held in reserve”. Here in the” palaces of rubble,” and “widespread destruction”, and “it is too early to estimate the preliminary damages”. This is a “perfect specimen” of “sex and violence”, and of “the beautiful and unsettling genetics” amongst the french films of human interest news. In between the commerce.

I don’t want any of these of these words to come down tonight. These, those, are the words in the news, but I want the noise in the forest to be the most accurate articulation. I want burbles mixed with snowmelt, chickadees, and barnswallows. I want graveyards of contact, in water after rock, I want keening held by mosses, and large hives of This is the sound of the melt.

I want all these syllables to be known by and by, and echoed in the bravest currents of Riser Creek.

Drown me out, in this deep water, drown me out in the spring before the insects. Drown me, drown me, drown, drown.


Okay, so, a news post poem. Not sure what it is, exactly, but it is here.  Happy Monday, poem friends in the world. Hugs.