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Boo. —“The Gorgon”, 1964

“The Gorgon returns to wreak her hideous vengeance. : 

Isn’t that wig the greatest? I’m definitely making one next Halloween. I have to write a poem now, in the afternoon, so that tomorrow I can attempt (again) my early morning poem plan. Last week was unsuccessful.  What to poem? I’m in danger of not doing it at all and watching this : 

instead, but I really do want to get this done. I’ve a schedule to keep to. That is a lie. I have other stuff I want to do. That is the truth. I’m kind of still stuck on the gorgon, and on Bakken. Might just go with it from where I left it yesterday:

Bakken Gorgon II

Four, no, six on one side, doubled twelve, twenty-four, a twenty-four wheeler? Twenty-four wheels on the flatbed, Twenty-four more on the one in front of that, sixteen or so on the tanker, and three more flatbeds before the caravan is out of sight. How many wheels on the highway to Boomtown? The colors prairie colors, rust red dirt, fields green to pale wheat, the well-pads fine tuning knobs on the neck of the Earth, flares, flares, in the denim sky, smoke silting it up pink in the last hours of evening, tall torches in the dark that could be the chimneys in New Bedford, in the nineteenth century, there are women in well-lit homes and men at the bank wondering how many barrels, tall torches that could be anthropological evidence of celebrations that never happen, false ceremonies of unimaginable grandeur, proof to future centuries of our Age of Excess, it will be written.

Half a decade the Gorgon’s been watching the formation, red grief in her eyes. Heartbroken and enraged for her are the same and it has consumed her, their consumption, the hot pull of full checkbooks, hard-earned and long overdue, electric seduction of security, hard work and the work is needed. But last night, a vision, come from the flame, there are those on the ground

who can hear spirits.

And so she grows ready, to speak in thunderstorms across the plain.


There’s a thunderstorm coming, and I think we might lose power. So, Happy Tuesday!