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This is what I’m listening to right now:

and also this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIlWjhci01U

I’m sitting and listening and feeling quiet and imagining the world as I wish it. I’m going to write a poem about that. Since I rebooted my commitment yesterday, I’m feeling at ease. Fitting this into our lives isn’t easy, but I have to believe it is necessary. It certainly is harder to feel the zippy thoughts coursing along after just two days off. Daily practice may be less about the words themselves and more about recognizing the flow.

Here I go to try to summon it:

Just Leave Me Alone To Imagine

Just leave me alone to listen to Champion Jack Dupree, tee nah nee nah nah, tee nah nee nah, and imagine the world as I would like it, made to my order, where our positions are celebrates instead of spat upon, and teachers are nobility, where the only womb laws are made by me, and I am the only one who can pass them. That blues that conjures, just leave me alone or listen along, to Nina Simone, to a world where women walk without fear, and stop unhesitatingly on night streets, just to feel the air, just how long have I been waiting to tell you I love you, just dream with me up a fair fair world where we praise skin just for being skin, just for keeping the rain out, and no one is every arrested for walking while black and female. Let’s dream up that fairness. Sit with me and listen to Otis Redding and imagine that you’ve become a habit for me, that I’ve been loving you too long and I don’t want to stop now. Let me think up a world where we can rise late and make art, we all just make art, food, and music, and the whole job is sharing. Tee nah nee nah nah. You wanna take my hand through the smoke and blues and dream up some some big love, you want to talk low about walking on it, walking all over this blue world without an ounce of ownership, let’s walk unarmed, armed only with tongues, into this new Eden, this garden with no gods, only spirits, to push and pull and roll us over the the progression. We’re talking twelve or sixteen bars, talking about the way it slips in through the spine and rolls us over the progression until we’re swaying in our seats, our heads a rolling with good sad smiles, don’t you dare think we’re just dancing. Just resting up, for the big fight, Dreamers Vs. Cash, we’re just gaining up the notes, singing low and sweet and growing strong for that big fight, tee nah nee nah.


yah, it’s a cheesy one tonight, but it’s how I feel after reading the news. Let’s just get this inequality and greed shit over with already, agreed? Then we can all just kick it and listen to the blues. Happy Tuesday!