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It is my daughter’s third birthday. Goodness gracious. How did these years get going so fast? We had a fun party, and then she got super sleepy. I don’t have any time to poem tonight, so I’m just going to put it down fast.

Okay, so i just tried to get it down fast, and it was stupid, so I erased it all. I don’t have any idea what to do  now.


When the Light Permits

imagine a great telling of the moon in early July, imagine the intricate seeds of a far-off garden, dream up a garden, and get ready for this spectrum of plants and sprouts. This heart breaks like good strong bone. it just snaps like a sandal, pop. Here we go writing a poem, here we go exploding a lemon, here we go with an alll day bird complaining, no bandages, just let us heal, and pet us into a hole. This is our  hunger and our fear, this is how we hide from cannons, when the light permit let’s get up and dance.

It took waaaay too long for me to write this one. Happy Saturday, poemies, love you!