It is loud there. That’s what I have to say about the work today. It’s Wednesday and again I have no shards to build with. I have a sore back, from standing and talking about books, and a headache, but that’s about it. How boring. I kind of wanted to write a “Thirteen Ways” poem, because I got inspired teaching “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird” today, but there’s no way I have thirteen anything in me right now. I have like, three. Tops.

So, I have to do this and go to bed, so three little, baffling, and haunting images and it’s G’night Moon for me.

Three Ways of Looking

I. From the aerie

the fish is the stillest in the moving water.

Easy target.

II. For the still and yellow eye,

hunger-sight and fast action

and chance. The kite string jackpot.


III. The tree is far in the distance

with this clawed bounty,

that wriggles and bleeds.


Oh god. Nature poem on a Wednesday. What was I thinking? Kitestrings? Why did I spend so long thinking about kites while writing about Osprey?Why do I love it when they fish so much? I nearly fell asleep writing this, so at least there are some words there. G’night, you.