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Wow.  Long day. 14 hours in a van full of teenagers is a lot of hours. We just got them off to bed, and now I have to quickpoem before crashing myself. They are such funny creatures, teens.  Don’t have a lot of poem in my tonight, but I will make up for it tomorrow after some theaterspiration.

 All This World

All this world’s a stage, to a van full of creatures evolving into what they will become, and their glance glance sldewise of the glass as they check to see their new skin, and each ill-timed joke, each awkward uncontrollable laugh, will reverberate like plucked strings, all up the spine, sharp jolts of an unspoke unease, and the certainty that everyone is laughing at and not with. They check their hair in the reflection, and pick out flaws so effortlessly, in themselves and in the strangers they see in the drive-thru, making up stories like little mean gods. All this world is their performance, each song they choose to sing along to in the car contributes to their pockets full of cool, or doesn’t, and the choice is agonizing. Who to become? And how? Oh, how they perform, these mutating bodies and minds, how they act and act and act until they learn to be, and isn’t precious to witness, like an emerging hatch on the river, when the insects poke and jab out of their casings, and flitter.


Oh, I could go on with that, but it is so beyond bedtime. These rushed work/vacation poems are getting annoying. I just want to have long hours of this feeling. but, I did a lot of mothering of other people’s children today, and I miss my own, and so, there. Happy Monday, my poemfriends! Tomorrow, a theater festival poem 🙂