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I ever decide to do anything everyday for a year ever again, I’m going to exempt myself from travel. Oh, I  miss my office, and my chair, and my kids sleeping upstairs, and HP doing whatever it is he does while I poem (I shouldn’t say that so flippantly, because usually he is cleaning the kitchen, because I married Awesome), and everything. Also, travelling, especially for work, wears a  body out. Another quick poem tonight. When I get back I have to long poem about The Great Society, which we saw today and had me standing for the only genuine ovation I’ve felt so far this week. I need more time to process that one, but I’m looking forward to getting to it next week. After the play I was feeling both moved and despairing. Moved by the awesome performances, and just spent and hopeless because it seems so little has changed in fifty years. Ugh. So, this came to mind.


When the day, or days grow heavy and hope fogs out, by the static weight of unmoving history, or by the blunt force of greed or hate, or by newsfeed, or by rude, brushing strangers, it is okay then to climb out of your heart, to let it lie cleaved on the sidewalk, it’s vena caving, melting in the heat, blood bubbling on the pavement. And, stepping right out of the atriums left of your desperate care, it is natural, biological, even, to enter the cool of the lobby freed from this bloodwildered present, to take seats with the spectres of ancient specators, to wait with unfettered breath at the curtain rising, and to watch. It is right then, and not mere entertainment but the necessity of the soul, then, to take in the hearts of the players, to let them fill the space of the organ left festering on the street, and to let them give it back to you, the stories of us, to greet their hearts with applause, no matter if the efforts clunk around some, it is their bravery that pulses in, it the heart of us that brings us back to scoop up our own uncaring organs, and go on.


Ah. theater. Ah, my heart. Happy Wednesday! Omigosh! A happy Wednesday poem!!! Oh, Ashland, you do woo me.