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Brought my girls to the first day of school today, and they rocked it in the manner of all country girls. Not like this though,

Because kindergarten and preschool and Waldorff and silks and poems and whatnot, they were forced to shake it back home.  Still, it was the first (foist, if you are Harper and incidentally a Brooklyner) day of school, and that can be scary, unless you go to the school of silks and poems, like my girls do now. Also, this came to mind, why, I cannot say:

Also, in absolutely anti-Waldorff fashion, we played Mary Poppins for our girls tonight. Because awesome. She is the greatest nanny ever, and he is the greatest sweep in. the.  ever.

So, Mary Poppins Poem? Okay then.

17 Cherry Tree Ln.

What a fetching hat, he said. I wouldn’t wear it for all jewels in Christendom, she said, and also the wind was too sting and kites are skittish things, and so kiddos float to the ceiling, right up there with giggles, buoyed right up there, light like laughter. What would you do in a hat with ribbons, the worser to wear it, what would you do with that pink ribbon, would you stare then, right up into a nasty piece of weather? Or would you expand the umbrella, then,

to save us from the wet?


An early-ish Wednesday poem. Good for me. Happy Wednesday, poemsies.