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Today was a really hard day at work. I really had to reach down deep to make it through those two hours spent at the mediation garden, listening to the fountain and birds. Yeah, that was tough. Ha. Really, though, there were some mildly stressful moments today and this evening, but overall it was a day that reminds me that I love this job.

By funny coincidence, my colleague and I were both, separately put in mind of Wendell Berry’s “The Peace of Wild Things“.  I thought of it will looking at the fountain in the mediation garden, and she thought of it when she remembered to take a minute and look at the moon tonight before we put the stinky kids to bed.

I have to do this fast. It is very late and for some thoroughly-misguided and unholy reasons we wake up far to early in this country. Science has told us for years that this is stupid. Enough already. Anyhow, I had a few thoughts at the mediation garden and now I’m going to poem them.

Like That Rock

I want to be like that rock, under the water, worn smooth and brightened by tears, and when fear is the executioner of my peace and my reason’s freedom, I will be taught by that water, to give wide berth in my heart to awe.


A VERY short poem. That’s okay. The long-winded, rambling ones are easier. I do wish I could format it better. Somebody teach me how to blog! Happy Sunday!