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Today I moved slowly. I procrastinated everything, the dishes, the smelly dog, the papers, just everything. I made chicken and veggie soup out of lots of veggies and my kids actually ate the whole soup. I don’t want to use the word miracle lightly, but that was a thing. Then they procrastinated bedtime until just now. Wonder where they get it?

We went for a bike ride and heart walk today. A heart walk is not so philanthropic as it sounds. We just walked around and took pictures of things in the nature that looked like hearts. No Cardio, All Zen. Good Motto.

So, I gotta get this done before HP gets home. Here goes,

The Heart Walk

Chopping and peeling, and dicing and seasoning, I think on healing.
If there is a lesson from out there she already said it, when she said “the crap will be there tomorrow”.

Put down the laundry.

Photograph the tiny rock heart. Capture the space in the sky between clouds and trees, somehow. In pictures, mostly, but also in paint. That piece of sky looks like an organ that beats all hard and childlike. We went on a heart-walk to relearn the world in small pieces.

In a square foot, there are probably three big heart-shaped things. If we looked closer, it would be six, and twelve, and microscopic, or maybe telescopic hearts in rock and duff, just, just, everywhere. Go ahead an sneer at my purple observations, just go ahead.

Slowly, slowly, the lesson is revealed, and it is to go slowly, and to watch, and to listen outside. There are the lessons. It might be too pretty to think so, it might be all sap and no bubbles, but I was told to live this life,

and so here goes.

So. That’s what we did today. Soup and hearts. It was good. Blessings on the week, poem friends.