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“I would prefer not to.” That’s how I feel today. I just would prefer not to. My HP told me I should write a poem about how much I’d prefer no to, so I am going to do that. His advice is the closest I’ve gotten to a poem today.

So, a poem for us, the putters off of things:


Here is a wishing well. Go ahead and drop the coin and let is spunk. Here is the bubble pop of the alarm. Go ahead and hit the button. Faced with endless paper and conundrums, feel free to go ahead and Bartleby them. Tell all those paper tasks and endless questions that “I’d prefer not to””.

Washing the stank out the dog? I’d prefer not to.” Washing the dishes and assigning cap to markers, stupid markers, I’d prefer not to. I’d prefer not to be in command of your bowels, or toy horses. And I’d prefer to to read anything else but the one I’ve read for the past three nights. I’d prefer not to, but I’ll do it with relish.

I’ll make that wish into the well, reckless as it seems,

I will wish it.


A Hopeful poem? Might Could Be.  Night, happy monday, poemies