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In the car on the way home from the memorial service today I looked at my HP and said, “I thought closure was supposed to help.” And he responded, “well, no. Not when you are doing the closing. But it will help after.” He’s a wise man, my HP.  And it was a lovely celebration of two astounding and unique individuals. A lot of tears, a lot of joy. Many moments I’ll carry with me forever. Our friend performing the Buffalo Calling Song and the South Song with his drum was transporting, the dogs reunited and playing fetch while our guitar teacher friend played provided a lot of glee in an otherwise heartbreaking horse arena, our two students reading the little love notes Lorie and Brian left everywhere was inspiring and breathtaking, my friend reading Lorie’s last blog post was so spot on I could hear Lorie’s voice in my head, it was all a perfect collection of moments. D1 entertained everyone by insisting on wearing a sparkly witch hat to the ceremony, and they behaved themselves very well for an hour and a half.

There’s a get together later tonight for us to continue the celebration of these two starlight lives, so I’m going to try to get this done now.



We sutured up our hearts today,
without any numbing agent or ether,
stitched up our grief with needles unblunted,
we felt every pull of the needle through the fabric skin,
and bore up under the pain.

The dogs reunited helped.
The drumming and call to the Buffalo and the south helped.
The strength of young and old alike helped,
probably more than any morphine.

Yes, we are stitched back together now, but this is still raw and damaged grief. We will not leave this arena unchanged, cannot, this lesson weighs tons,
and it is ours to turn into lightness,
the lightness of laughter, of bubble, of sunset, and of true love.

We won’t forget to live it. Never ever.
Yes, we will love harder, live bigger, and smile wider now,
because of you both.

We sutured up our hearts today,
and the flesh will knit tighter together,

with each moment that heals us.


Thank you for reading this, all you readers of poems. You bless me by reading. Hard day.  Joy to you, this Saturday, poem friends.