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I do feel lighter, somehow, today. It is good. I’m also working late tonight, so I want to get this done early. Granted, my work today is mostly sitting in the sun and talking to funny teens and co-workers, not terribly demanding, but still. This is going to have to be a fast poem, and one a little more distant from my recent emotions. As we say here at school, “I’m taking some space” tonight. This morning I zoned out while gazing at the little wishbone hanging from the outstretched hands of a little Buddha statue in front of the kitchen sink, so I’m going to write a not-too-cheesy object poem and call it good for tonight. Back to it tomorrow. For now, the wishbone will have to do.


It is time now, to stand still and stare,
and to record all the questions brought by small objects
given the biggest jobs.
What magic do we think rests
in the snap and crack?
and what fates to we wish in with these cracking bones?
When you grab each limb and make a silent prayer
it should not be taken lightly.
This is no small business.
A wish is different from a want, and a wish is often impossible,
wants are so often unnecessary.
So stand still and quiet,
and think on it for a moment before voicing those heartsongs,
before pulling and breaking the hinge
with that satisfying sound,
before the bones break you must wish hard.
And remember your wishbone thoughts.
Write them down.
Maybe someday some of them will come back right.


Struggled with this tonight. Sometimes this process doesn’t feel magic or zappy, and those days are okay. I’m going to leave this as is, these musings on wishbones, and hope for poemier poeming tomorrow. Happy Sunday to you all.