Cannot write a thing now:

No comma after couch

Upset should be disappointment

Put solely after looked

Should read, “Besant Hill in Ojai, CA, last week.”

“It’s an alternative-style school for creative kids,

founded by Aldous Huxley and set upon…

the ellipses after graduates and habits should be commas

change boarding setting to boarding school

put a “that” between “and” and “resonated”

creative author “of” creative, not “with”

no comma after trauma

put an “a” between “and” and “therapeutic”

has propelled should be have propelled

story; should be story,

Cozening should be cozying

no comma after hopeful

for anna’s bit:

put a “he” between but and always

no “and” in “nature, and his…”

no comma after writing


just night after. Right after.
happy Saturday.