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Have I mentioned that we are on vacation? We are off this week, and it is amazing. Did I make pancakes for lunch today? Yes, yes I did. Did the Ds clean their rooms without scratching at one another? Yes, eventually. Did we rake leaves in our pajamas? You betcha. This is also a thing I’ve craved, having us all be together for several days in a row when really all that needs to happen is that we need to cook things and enjoy the weather while it lasts.

At naptime today Hp and and I sat outside in the sun on these stone stairs that we’ve never really relaxed upon, which is weird. There are about five places we sit around the outside of our house, and when we sit there it is always because of the sun. We sit there for long minutes, because we know it’s short-lived.

One of the besties I mentioned yesterday, is going through a big life Change-Roo right now. It’s a BFD. I talked to her today, and she seems beemingly happy for the first time in a long time. So, I thought I’d write her a poem. Because of the swiftness of this change in her life, she imposes doubt upon herself, but I say that doubt is a waste of time. This will likely be a cheesy poem. Because fate. Because chance. Because change.

The Sunlight Tells Us

This is the time of year that falls.
This is time of year that we should stand in trees,
and sit upon the stones.

The sunlight tells us where to sit.
When it shines we sit in it.
It doesn’t choose us and we don’t choose to sit there,
there in the still and quiet, we don’t choose it.

We are compelled. We are soaking,
siting there in the learning of distant sunlight,
and there is a blessing in having nowhere else to be,
and when it feels right to sit together in the long sunlight,
feels right to pick a spot and rest there for a good long while.

In the shade of mountains and old growth,
the sunlight can tell you where to sit, and down we squat
onto stones, to lean and listen, to warm up our arms in the leaving light,
and to watch the sun-tide roll right on,
there we’ll go to sit right where the sunlight commands,
because when it says sit,

then revel there, and rest.


I told you it would be cheesy. That’s okay. I’m happy for my happy friend. She knows who she is. Also, I’ll take any sun in October I can get. Happy Sunday, people of the poems. Here is what I am listening to right now: