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I fixed my cranky today. It occurred to me that I wasn’t doing vacation right, with all the laundry and hunting-waiting and all, so I made sure that I had time for a bath and a nap today. Thank Universe and my HP for making that possible. Anyhow, I feel good tonight. D2 is all but recovered from our cold, and D1 is a reading machine. We made pizzas with homemade sauce tonight, and mine had beets, carrots, caramelized onions, and goat cheese. I’m not one to brag about dinner, but it was awesome.

While cleaning, I listen to these podcasts, as I’m sure I’ve told you before, from How Stuff Works.

Today I listened to one on Ebola, one of viruses, one on the Great Train Robbery, and one on Cliteracy. All three are worth hearing. But, I gotta say, the Virus one and the Ebola one scared me. We’ve got some scary business going on right now.

I also watched this today, and darn it that I didn’t have this in high school:


So, I guess, since I’ve had a nap, I could maybe write a math poem, for my mom and all the mathy peeps out there, but maybe also imbued with the fear of the news:

Let’s Multiply 

Let’s multiply the fears of the prosperous nations
by the terror of those ignored far across warming seas.

Let’s subtract water from both sides of the equation
and see how it balances out. There’s the gamble.

What if we divide resources by care,
and end up without heroes? What if we injected viral compassion,

and waited for the test results.
Let’s settle this equal sign, settle it all up and carry on,
because what this if peace went viral?

What if it just spread, and spread, and spread?


Yeah, that could be cheesy too. But the news is scary these days, and we all need to find some place to radiate the peace, now, right now. Happy Thursday, poem friends.