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I’ve had an absolutely lovely day. First, I got to sleep in. Then I swept us girls off to a Glitter Tattoo Party. It was bittersweet, because the Glitter Tattoo Party was Lorie’s idea, and she had even made up invitations for us all the week before she passed. I felt her all around today, in the sunlight scaring off the clouds on the drive over, in the kinship of my girlfriends who all miss her so hard, in the laughter, even the silly bird my friend Cyndi brought over. We ate and laughed and got glitter tattoos. Here is mine:


We each got a crotched granny square that Lorie had been knitting, one per week, and bracelets that say “Live It”. Like I said, sweet, but hard at the same time.

Then, I left my kids at my best bossfriend’s house and HP and I went on a real live date! It had been so, so long. So long we couldn’t remember when we’d been out on our own. We had fabulous meal and people-watching session that The Pend Oreille Winery, and then went to the Sandpoint Onstage production of Frankenstein, directed by my dear friend Jesus Quintero, of the American Laboratory Theatre. It was amazing. I’m always energized and inspired by live theater, but this was particularly moving. There was so much vibrant care humming through the actors, and so much obvious devotion on display, that it really got my brainspace pulsing. I might be up for ours. A show like that is the equivalent of twenty-seven espressos, for me. Love it. Gonna poem it:

How to Birth a Creation:

It starts with a Monster, a Wretch creeping in at night, every night since conception, an idea that heaves you from one side of the bed to the other, and lingers after you wake, in the corners of every room. The steps of creation are always the same. One: The Seed. one that sticks in the gullet, one that grows in tone despise soil barren or cracked. Two: Obsession. The mind in the act of creating is like a possession. The mind pacing and denying the menial and necessary tasks of life, luxuriating in the utter saturation, of a soul mired in the quicksand workspace. Three: The Work. Excitement and failures. Excitement in the failures. Desperation and near surrender. Praying. Closeness. Four: Abandonment: Let it go, let go of what we love most, release it and watch it rise.


For you, Director Friend. I hope you all feel these stages at some point. It’s good. It’s soul food. Happy Saturday, poems. My 2015 Goal? To be in a production!