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I want it to snow. Once the darkness arrives I want the snow to come brighten us up. If we had snow, it would be near to daylight out there because the moon is near to full. I want snow minus winter driving. Like Reykjavik. The first snow always makes me happy, and today I could’ve used it. Cranky all damn day, despite my day of #YestoMe. My wicked Wednesday returned. The Wednesday team rocks, and we should probably get a team name. Think on it. So, the adults weren’t the ones making me want to cry tonight. Most of the time our teens are cool, smart, weird, interesting people and I like to observe them in their environments as they negotiate one another and the world. Sometimes, though, they are horrendous demons whose selfishness hurts me right in the soul. I wish I had time to tell you all the horrendous things they said and did this evening, but I have to find a poem, somehow, and go to bed fast.


Small Minds

Maybe its a comfort that minds start small and grow.
They grow in the dark, a shiny dark,
flat water at midnight with the moon up.

obsidian glass.

They grow to wheat fields at midnight lit up by dim headlights.
But in this case, the case of small minds dimmer is better. Dimmer can brighten. Faint light can brighten, lighter and lighter skies as it all goes along,
quickly along, until the darkening begins.

BAHHH. Whatever. Whatever Wednesday. Again. That was so hard and I am so tired. Goodnight, readers of the poems. Happy Wicked Wednesday to You!