My dearest and first niece turned 10 tonight. She asked me for book titles, but I was, I think, a little too much of “that strange aunt” to really be effective. Here is what I recommended her.

All the Imagination, Do it Now:

Ten Years:

Listen, I’m your aunt. I’ll recommend all the books.
Have you read the Wolves of Willoughby Chase?
Have you read the Circus of the Unseen?
Harry Potter? Have you ever suspended
your disbelief?
Have you ever been stuck in a story, and learned from the water,
and take it from the grownups, and take it from one to the other, we the willing suspension of disbelief is wellf-earned like pretty yarn? Also,¬†take it from me, take it from a grownup, you wont want to take it slow. Sit and get grown. Look at something like that ail and all we’ll be is wildly unpredictable,
and practically perfect in every war.

I think I just made Mary Poppins sad. Oopps. Happy Thursday friends.