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Poemfriends, I am sad and angry. My friend Lorie’s stupid brother-in-law decided all their things should go at auction, and because of that her bike sold to some jerk for not nearly enough, and the rest of their things went to strangers. I don’t understand why these things of value had to be for sale. I can’t comprehend why her bike was up for sale at all. It should belong to us. I wish we could’ve all gotten together and shown up at that auction with cash to spare, and beeen like, BOOM, we’ll take the lot, including the bike. Teary.

That how I feel tonight. I got the feels. I’m gonna poem it and go to sleep. I have a glitter tattoo party to arrange tomorrow. Made the cakes and gf cupcakes already.

Biking Through Heron

Go ahead and ride that bike with its basket around these dirt roads. Just go ahead and ride it. Put the things in the basket, like eggs and wrenches, and drive it round like it means nothing. Go right ahead. You will be seen, on the narrow shoulder, you will be seen on the way to the post office, at the rail crossing, at the underpass, we will see you. Go ahead and stuff the basket with joy. But if you ride it, don’t you dare be sad, don’t you abandon that hope, don’t you forget to live. Basket full of joy, that what you owe us. That is what you purchased today. Big ole’ basket full of joy. Reminder, Reminder, Remember.


Thought I was done with the sad poems. Tomorrow I will crib from my kid. SNOW SNOW SNOW.  Happy Saturday, poem peeps!