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I was stuck at home again today. Too much vomit to be cool for school. Yucky. I am feeling better tonight, though. I did the dishes and put my kids to bed and everything. That’s way better than yesterday. I had all the mom guilt today. Surely a stronger and healthier mom would’ve been able to shut down norovirus. For sure I get to feel guilt for all the hours I spent puking and watching Friends in bed.

I don’t have a lot of poem going on right now. I’ll try it anyhow, because I have to. It is dark outside. So:

Black Sky

It’s not out there. There’s no big sky to tell me of infinity tonight,
no galaxy of knowing to pint me onward, not tonight.
This night I’ll have to learn my way alone,
without the help of stars or lamplight.
This dark night I will find my feet beneath me on the frozen leaves,
and I will hear the water clear as day, rushing me on the way down hill.
The big dark sky tonight leaves the faint footprints in the near frost,
and across the big wide unpreventable bluff in the blindness.
This sky, all artless and silent, talks to loud and coldly to each,
talks to us of frightened uncertainties and tall fields,
all blank and unseeing in the message.


Happy Thursday, poempeople. I hope we all get some light tomorrow.