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We have conquered the snot. Or, at least we’re pushing back the tide, and victory is within reach. That’s a nice bit of melodrama right there. The endless cups of tea and the steaming pot on the stove are helping, and we are on the mend. I am very happy. I am also very lazy. My plans for this evening include making blueberry pancakes for dinner and blueberry banana bread for tomorrow’s breakfast. That’s it. I might sneak in another bath. HP is working late, and he says it is snowing, snowing, snowing out there. Here by the lake, though, it is just rain. Rain and dark. So, I’ll bake with the blueberries we picked this summer when it was so, so hot, and we’ll pretend that it might someday get light again.

We have a big, cold, inefficient house. We are taking steps to make it more energy-efficient, but it is hard because we are teachers and things are tight. Plus, stuff keeps breaking. Big, expensive stuff. It feels like every day we are confronted with a new house-owning puzzle, and we are two very creative but not very handy English teachers. We can talk about the fixes for hours, but doing them is another thing. The big, leaky old house got me thinking about our carbon footprint. It must be huge. We drive old cars and have to drive them about fifty miles a day, sometimes more. We try to buy local food, but that is hard in the North. We also try to consume everything we purchase, but we have small children and we end up wasting a lot. We also go through a lot of paper. And toilet paper. Consuming less of everything is always my goal, but some days I don’t think we’re doing enough. And that makes my soul hurt.

What I think everyone should do is write their legislators and ask for help making the small changes that cost a lot. I’d love to get this beast entirely self-fueled, whether that energy comes from that water, the sun, or both. I’d like to get the joints of this place tightened back up so we can get right with this Earth. Also, let’s continue to be tuned in and aware and active against the many injustices and injuries perpetrated by corporations that continue to sacrifice our communities for their profits.

Ugh. The girls are up from nap, so I’m going to write something righteous and get to the zen of getting us set up for the week. See that trick I just played on my brain? I called it zen, instead of moderate chaos. It’s a thing I’m trying.


Let’s help the ones who want to help but can’t. And lets punish those who can but won’t. Let;s get those suits out of the sky and off the call. The deals will wait. Let’s stick them, the human calculators, the walking ledgers, by the water to listen. Maybe the love will return to them from their slick fields of profit. Let us prophecy a great turning, a shared hearing, of she who speaks through waters.


This is precise. That’s what I’m going to call “short” tonight. It’s to the point, I think. Another word might be “incomplete”. We’ll see. I have pancakes to make and girlies to tend. Happy Sunday!