I haven’t read the news, so I don’t know if anyone has been injured today, but it seems that happens ever year and it hurts my heart. Our Italian student asked me yesterday, “So, when does the day of Greed and Trampling begin?” and I had to tell him, “Tomorrow at Very Early, I’m told”.

I vowed to buy nothing today, but we have car issues, and so we did a Very Grown-Up Thing and asked my brother to watch our girlies while we went car shopping. Oh, did we sit in cars today. so many cars. We went to seven different lots and despite all the makes and models, the most interesting things were the car salesmen. They were all salesmen. I didn’t see a single woman working in any of the lots we went to today. Not a wifely receptionist, not a single wife of the owner flashing big rings and a short skirt, not a single woman during this whole long day of car-shopping.

Anyhow, the car shopping made me grateful for my job. Again. One, because I have one and we can replace our busted 17 year-old Jeep, and Two, because I am not a car saleswoman. Sales would be the absolute worst job ever for me. I’m pretty sure a car sale, for me would go like this:

Them: “We would like this car for much less than it is worth”

Me: “Okay. What do you do? Do you have kids? Yes, we can throw in all the extras for all the kids you say you have. Take this car. I will give it to you for free. No, please. Take it. It is yours”.

Yes. Sales are not my thing. I’m going to write a poem about buying a car and then kick it with HP and we will congratulate ourselves for all the grown-up stuff we did today.

Car Sales

You have to choose whether or not to believe you are being told lies, even when your own job is getting told the smallest and tallest of tales and you feel like you can tell the difference. Sometimes you have to choose whether or not you are being told lies. Sometimes, the faces are just that good. So practiced. So professionally false. So bright-eyed, blinking, and with such perfected handshakes. Yes, they address you, the wife, by name, and talk to you about the safety ratings and miles per gallon, but they talk to him about all the rest, the power and history, like you are there to be frugal and smart in your hat. How is anyone to be bought? Do you buy that? Do we buy you? Sometimes they, the liars, are so rehearsed you get fooled, or worse, you suspect, but can’t be sure, of the duping. Sometimes the salesmen’s technique is showing. Pity the liars. Choose to trust, they wouldn’t do it if they didn’t have the fake triplets raise and send to private school, they wouldn’t do it if they knew what it was to live without monthlies.


New whip, poem friends. I don’t like buying big things, but I think HP and I did a good job. We did a lot of research, bought a car we love for a price we can afford, and I didn’t even get to pissed off at the stupid men trying to talk to HP instead of me. Happy Friday! The girls named the car Ruby. Because it is dark red.