Twenty days of poems left. Is that why I feel so stuck still? I’m writing a poem on my phone tonight, which is always harder for me. Technical and physical difficulties have me swiping instead of typing. I like the sound of typing fast. Means I have something to say. Swiping doesn’t have the same feel.

I’ve been thinking about the new year lately. I’d like to do another every-day-for-a-year challenge, but what? I’d like to say I’ll work out everyday for a year, but that is laughable. I’d like to continue to write everyday, but I don’t know if I would do it without making it public, for some kind of accountability.  Maybe my challenge should be to be more present this year. Or maybe resolutions are crazy and we should ask just be grateful to be here. Here is a love song for the new year:

Love Song For The New Year

Children could not care less about the new year, the daily revolutions are enough, and they resolve often, sometimes many times in a minute, and the days bring a thousand thrills,  disappointments, and worlds. Grownups resolve to be better, try harder, save more, fighting always against the longest orbits, the gravity that sags us. This year I resolve to be like the children, eyes open every day in wonder at the new days.
What do you want to do this year? Read more poems? Thanks for hanging in there with me. Happy wicked Wednesday poem friends.