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It’s a quiet little Saturday Night. We just stayed up way to late playing scrabble. So tired, but so poemey. I’ve been thinking about my Hp and our first date. Gonna poem it and go to bed.

A Consecutive Date

Woke up from a dream in which I was the Librarian in the land of my childhood best friend’s, all gabled in New England, because we are yearning for snow. Snow! Snow now, just snow. Feats and feats of it, cold and glittering, piling up on slopes and rooftops, reminding me afresh of consecutive dates, jazzy dates all in a row, dates all in a row rock. Never stopped dating you. Never wanted to stop. Here we go again all wanting and ice and floe and ocean, woke up to forty degrees and rain again. Woke up wondering again if we could move north to Canada. You said, no one moves there in a time of peace, and I said “I’m sure this isn’t”. But then, sitting on the algaed rocks I fell in love again with Riser Creek, and knew we would never leave. We are not the leaving kind.

Can’t wait to get to posting these. Stupid internet. What are you doing, this Saturday?