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Just rewards. Internet and phone are getting figured out tomorrow. I went from being just fine with being offline, and wanting to know nothing, to yearning for it all, all the fingertip knowledge so much.
Don’t have a lot left today. Worked and did grades and talked to crazy teenagers all day long and then went to The Nutcracker with the Eugene Ballet at t the Panida Theater in Sandpoint tonight with the Ds and Grandma Jackie tonight. I wonder about how our memories match up. Mom’s and mine. I wondered, tonight, exactly how many times she heard that symphony while I was growing up.
D1 was enthralled again. D2 was scared by the giant rats (and who wouldn’t be?) and asleep by the Waltz of the Flowers.
Don’t really want to write another ballet poem. Instead I’m going to write about celestial bodies colliding, and call it good.
Just Now

“In our village, folks say God crumbles the old moon into stars.” Makes sense, the collisions of celestial bodies. Makes good sense to me. What if nothing holds universes in check? What if the biggest question is optional, and it is, am I nothing? What it winks yes, the starset? Am I nothing but a minute? Nope, I answer. Nope, just now, nope. Just now I might be nothing but a breath. Might be nothing but big bad smashing that sets orbs on colliding paths, with trajectory and mass. Just now.

Huh. It’s okay, giving the length of my day and the amount of sleep I’ve achieved lately. Equals not a lot. Thanks for being there in the last days, poemfriends. Happy Monday.