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The block is over! Woot woot! My grades are in, and I am happy. I don’t know what to write about, though. Maybe that feeling of relief that happens at the end of the semester?

I’ll try it.


The grades in feeling is the same as the finals over feeling. It is the same sweet relief, all refreshed like a waking from a big nap, all done with the grownup duties of life, all stretching and uncurling of toes. The feeling of being done is a precious one a three times a year one, a let’s stay in our pjs and eat breakfast all day one. If there were snow enough it would be a night sledding deserves a quiet night night. A night for a glow-in-the-dark sled, a bonfire and outdoor speaker night. But that is yet to come in this, the dark midwinter.  I’ve no packages wrapped, not much under the tree, but what I can give you, what I gift with ease, are the silhouettes, of dark pines and fires beneath the blue light of mid-Deccember.


Brrrr. It is getting colder out there. I wish it would snow! Happy Thursday, you.