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I received the greatest and most grateful gifts tonight. And it was exciting to give D2 her new bed, all brilliant and beautiful, all pretty and gay. My amazing mother wove me a spread for couch in my office, and it is beautiful. This whole night makes me say this:


Here is what I say to you. I say, give great big thanks, give great big love, hard and often This is my hallelujah, and I say it loud with big thank, here, oh here, right here are the the biggest and growing thanks. Here is how it grows, like moonlight, like creeping acquaintaince, like the distance of my chest, like the pittance of the season and the sizzling sound of snowfall. Here it is on the ground, here is in the sweet morn, here it is the full fall of big flakes in the yard, here they fall in the heart temple.

I missed you all year long.

Merry Christmas Eve, poemfriends. Love you.